• We have a 24 hour check-in/ check-out time
  • Niranta Airport Transit Hotel & Lounge provides accommodation and additional hotel services for passengers arriving/departing/transiting from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Terminal 2, Mumbai.
  • Accurate Flight Details are mandatory, failing to which the reservation will be deemed non-guaranteed.
  • Passengers entering Terminal 2 from Mumbai city can access the hotel 48 hours prior to the flight departure.
  • Passengers can access the hotel with their luggage after scanning procedures as per airport security rules & regulation.
  • Guests can exit and re-enter terminal 2 after check-in to the hotel. Valid passport / ID proof with hotel confirmation card is required.
  • Guests with valid onward flight tickets can exit terminal 2 after check-in to the hotel. Valid passport / ID proof is required to access the hotel facilities.
  • For Foreign nationals a valid Indian Visa is required to access the hotel.
  • Children up to 10 years can stay with two adults when sharing existing bedding without any extra charge.
  • Restricted & prohibited goods as per airport security norms will not be allowed in the hotel.
  • All areas within the hotel & airport have been identified as Non-smoking areas.
  • Special requests, flight information, amendments, cancellation in reservations shall be directed to our Reservations Office.
  • You can contact us on (91) (22) 6729 7629 or (91) 7718884351, E-mail: reservations@nirantahotels.com.
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